cycling through a stream in the winter

cycling through a stream in the winter

Long epic trips, in variety of weather conditions, are the best testing grounds for outdoor companies’ new gear.

On our roughly 15,000 mile trip we imagine we’ll find gear so useful and versatile that we couldn’t do without. Our team will be putting to the test: jackets, panniers, bikes and bike parts, tents, stoves, and many more pieces of equipment.

In planning this trip we have thought of the benefits both to ourselves and to various companies and look to align ourselves with the right supporters. If interested in discussing a mutually beneficial sponsorship of the bike49 team, learning more about our goals, details of the bicycle trip, or other ways in which you’d like to help, email bike49 at gmail dot com

Interested in helping out in other ways?

As we get closer to the start of the trip and get on the road, the hospitality we receive from old friends and complete strangers from around the country will be invaluable. We’ll post through the website, twitter, or facebook ways in which you can become involved.


Showers Pass, hands down, makes the best wet weather cycling clothing
Aaron chose Swift Industries, a small company, for his handmade panniers
Klean Kanteen offers a great solution to plastic bottles that leach chemicals into your water
PB-logo-webPlanet bike donates 25% of profits to bike advocacy efforts. They make great accessories as well.
probarWhole food, meal replacement bars (for hungry cyclists).
Comfortable shoes in waterproof and bike spd compatible versions
Great fuel efficient etapower stoves.
Tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping gear from Steamboat Colorado
Fantastic steel bikes and racks set the standard for bike touring
Fig Newmans and other great healthy snacks
The best grain meat alternative


Thank you:

Ari Schiff- The mastermind of the bike49 logo and font. Not to mention a wonderful resource for website layout and graphics.

Deneb Sandak- an editing genius, thank you so much for lending your mastery of the English language to our writing projects. Your enthusiasm for bike49 is an inspiration to us all.

John Meyer at Capitol Graphics Inc.- Thank you for your donation of the printing of our business cards.

John – Volunteered to answer our website questions and helped with our website.

Molly Dykman- A dedicated elementary school teacher whose comments and advice made our lesson plans really come together.

Mr. Lockard- our high school teacher, that offered awesome comments on our lesson plan, and was the first teacher to sign up for our bike49 presentations. (Mr. Lockard is Sara’s high school environmental science teacher, and she contributes much of her respect for animals from Mr. Lockard’s classes)

Ron-When I was most confused about working on the website, Ron stepped up with support and guidance. He is a regular Kansas City biker, and we have to thank him for that too!

Ryan- for his awesome drop down menu plug-in for Wordpress. His support forums were incredibly helpful. Check out his plug-in and other projects at http://pixopoint.com/products/multi-level-navigation/

Skip Armstrong and Ceiba Productions-Skip is an awesome videographer and a truly inspirational person. His advice on film making equipment and film making in general was priceless.

Zephar Jafri-Thank you for the donation of a Mac Book Air.