How to Commute by Bike

IMG_0205Imagine arriving to work feeling totally refreshed and energized, ready to focus and get to work. Now on top of that, imagine realizing that you just saved yourself some money and made a positive choice for your health.

Commuting by bicycle is an awesome way to improve your life and health. We live in a time where three quarters of the population in the U.S. commute by car, global climate change threatens our current lifestyles, gas prices are high, and Americans are not as healthy.  There is no better time than now to give bike commuting a try.

There are lots of great references on the web to get you pedaling in the right direction.  Check out the top 10 commuting 101 articles or Paul Dorn’s Bike Commuting Tips if you are just getting started.  For news, product reviews, and how to’s try  For those that have been discouraged by concerns of safety, distance, and smelliness, read an article dispelling 6 myths of bike commuting.