Meet the Riders

Bike49 members are not a bunch of hardcore, outstanding athletes; not ounce-counters with matching spandex “fits” and the latest gear.  Bike49 members all love biking and participating in bicycle advocacy groups and outings.  The members of Bike49 met at Humboldt State University, where they either still attend school or have recently graduated.

aaronprofilepicAaron Viducich - I live to ride bikes, watch birds, and see the sights. The idea of Bike 49 has been floating around in my head for years. It is really the culmination of many of my dreams encompassing sustainability, travel, education, outreach, adventure and the best part of it all is that I get to experience the whole thing from the saddle of my bicycle. My education is in wildlife biology and I earn a living following the birds, and studying them through seasonal positions. For me one of the highlights of my job is when I get a chance to talk to people about what it is that I do and the importance of conservation. Whenever it is that I find myself in a semi-permanent living situation I dedicate much of my spare time to becoming involved in the local bike community and education programs. It has become my mission to teach and be taught about biking and the environment, and to share my love for what I believe is our best invention yet, the bicycle.
IMG_0062Sara Dykman loves biking down hills, and plans to bike down a lot of hills on bike49. As an amphibian biologist, she has spent many summers throughout the west, monitoring the ever declining populations of frogs and toads. Her love for these (often neglected) creatures inspires her to promote sustainability by ‘leading by example’ and working with non-profits such as Green Wheels and CCAT. Sara's goal is to bridge the gap between science and conservation. She hopes to translate the discoveries of science and the beauty of nature into practical solutions.
SpringBike08-23Tommy Viducich likes to ride his bicycle in every type of weather imaginable. He hopes that if people see him riding in the pouring rain, they will be inspired to ride a bike themselves. He holds a degree in Building Sciences from Humboldt State University, with hopes to improve an industry that is far behind the sustainability curve. He believes that the new trend of “Green Building” is a step in the right direction. He wants to insure that it is not just a passing fad, but rather a shift from outdated building ideology to a new method of construction that integrates sustainability into every facet. He is excited to ride his bicycle to 49 states and see all different types of buildings.
IMG_0050-4Matt Schiff began college in Colorado, with interests in outdoor education and environmental science. After taking time off, he has returned to school at Humboldt State pursuing a degree in soil science. This degree will combine his interest in being outdoors and gardening with his desire for change in farming and food production practices. While at HSU Matt has spent time working with green-wheels, the on campus bicycle learning center (BLC), and CCAT. He's realized through inspiration and curiousity, people may change, but never though criticism. This bike ride is the ultimate chance to show by example and answer questions and educate those interested about bikes.