Our first on-the-road presentation; a photoblog of Myrtle Point Elementary

On Friday, May 21st we had our first on-the-road school presentation at Myrtle Point Elementary School, OR.

We pulled up to the school in the rain and met the teacher, Margret, outside. The students saw us through the windows and 20 smiling faces filled the panes. They had the look of curiosity and excitement.

The class had prepared for our arrival with a sign on the door.

welcome bike49

We greeted the class and introduced ourselves.

margrets class

Exercise is fun.

exercise is fun

They checked out our camp chair.

unpack your bike seat trial

We had a cafeteria lunch and realized they offer root beer milk these days.

school lunch aaron and alyssum

There were a total of 3 presentations on Friday and all the students were engaged.

bike49 presentation

We stretched and twisted.


They looked at environmental problems and suggested solutions.

global solutions

It is quite possible 3rd graders are the best group to teach




We had been warned by the teacher the students were a wild bunch and that they’d hang off of us and love us to death.

We were not let down and hopefully they weren’t either.


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