One of the purposes for keeping a blog is to simply document the planning and riding stages of our trip. We’ve surfed the web plenty while preparing for bike49 and learned a little from everyone. We hope our site can be a reference for people planning a commute or short bike tour or even planning a long adventure such as ours.

So I warn you that this content is not terrible fascinating, but could be useful for some. And it can be justified when compared to the daily, mundane, twitter and facebook details people provide.


While we’ve been planning this trip for about a year and a half, at the start of the new year our efforts really went into full gear.

Most of the website content was written in the summer and fall of 09’. Sara took on this task after she returned from hiking the continental divide trail in late September. She worked from collaborative ideas, paper sketches, and written Word documents to create most of the content.

Starting December 09’and continuing to the present we’ve focused on acquiring sponsors and submitting press releases to media outlets that will help bring our trip to a larger audience.

After Christmas break the four of us met in Sacramento and then headed up to Arcata to work on all aspects of the trip and meet for the first time in over a year. Bits and pieces of this project had been completed by individual efforts and a little bit of teaming up, but it really is ideal to all be in the same place. The week we spent together was useful – no more waiting for emails or a phone call back – feedback was instantaneous. It also reaffirmed we were all on the same page so our excitement about a trip now just four months away was building.


The whole crew out on West End Road riding to Blue Lake

hanging out at Wildberries, Arcata

hanging out at Wildberries, Arcata

scarey flats

scary flats


Was there a reason for this? I don't remember.

Was there a reason for this? I don't remember.

For sponsorship solicitations we generally got one of three replies: a definite no, a definite yes, and the long drawn out process of emails and phone calls, and what seemed like nagging, to see if a company was interested in us. It was really affirming that few companies told us outright that they couldn’t offer us any kind of sponsorship.

Matt, the oldest one in the group and the last one still in college, was working on his bachelor’s degree and had to stay in school, while Tommy, Aaron, and Sara decided to take a 10 day bike tour down to San Diego that eventually turned into 1300 miles and about a month of being on the road, ending in Las Vegas, NV (trip details soon to come).

While sponsorship requests and press releases were being worked on, the time for setting up talks at schools and refining that aspect of the project was coming near.

Spring break has finally come and Matt received a little justice, getting to go on a short bike tour in northern California (stay tuned for details from this trip).

Sara remains in Las Vegas (of all places) working a temporary wildlife job until late April, when the beginning of bike49, bike touring to Arcata, marks the unofficial start to our trip.

Tommy and Aaron have returned to Sacramento, and knowing their skills as hype men, will have the whole city behind them by the time they roll out for Arcata in late April.

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