After 391 days on the road, traveling through 49 states, the five person crew completed the loop to where the trip originated, on the Arcata Plaza. Unlike the sendoff, there were just a few media reporters and a couple of friends who just happened to be in the area as we rolled through the downtown streets screaming and hollering. But the lack of fanfare didn’t diminish the accomplishment of pedaling over 15,000 miles in 13 months. Even the statue of McKinley points in our direction, giving us an applause for the perseverance it took to complete the trip.

Finished with the trip and returning to normal or ordinary life, see what the riders have decided to pursue next

Finishing at the Arcata Plaza

Finishing at the Arcata Plaza

New to this site? Even though the trip is over you can still see the photos and read what it was like traveling the United States for a year and giving presentations at schools, inspiring students to live lightly on the planet, dream big, and get outdoors.

Our mission
Bike49 is Sara Dykman, Tommy Viducich, Aaron Viducich, Matt Schiff, and guest summer 2010 member Alyssum Cohen. Throughout the next year we will travel through 49 states by bicycle carrying all our gear with us. Our goal is to create a mobile community promoting healthy lifestyles for a healthy planet, as well as showcasing the practicality and fun of bicycle travel. We will visit schools, chart our progress online, and chronicle those we meet. On our 14 month, 15,000 mile tour, we hope to inspire change, empower those seeking solutions, teach, learn, and have lots of fun.

Our route
bike49_mapWe will be starting (and ending) our bike tour in Arcata, CA in May 2010. We will travel in a clockwise direction visiting all states except Hawaii.

How to help
Do we go through your town? If we do (or come close) help us find schools to speak at (check out our lesson plan), and couches to sleep on. If we don’t, you can still help us get the word out, donate money, or join our facebook page . Most importantly, get out there and ride your bicycle!